Monday, August 11, 2008

Exciting Concert Review!!!

Last night I went to a rock show. Sort of unusual for a Sunday night, but it was really cool. We went to the Granada Theater, here in Dallas, to see The Honorary Title. I had never heard of them before, but one of my friends was going, and she invited us.

I studied up for the show by looking up their videos on YouTube. I have posted one I particularly liked above.

They are interesting. Like the other two bands that played with them, it may be that they listen to Coldplay too much. And it may be that they don't make the most healthy possible lifestyle choices. But I really enjoyed the music. Their singer, Jarrod Gorbel, seems to be a huge star in the making. Most of the audience was female, and they were clearly all there just to see him. The band was really solid, but he was such the exclusive center of attention that they sort of faded into the background much of the time.

Jarrod Gorbel is sort of a scrawny little guy, but he has full sleeves of tattoos on each arm. His music sounds like he would be the most sensitive guy in the world, literally, like he couldn't wear a scratchy sweater. But then you see his ink and it changes your mind about him. Like I said, they are interesting, if for no other reason than for the way they play with your pre-conceptions. Also, their videos are much softer and more acoustic, but live it seems like they made the decision to have a stronger, more rock and roll sound. I am curious to see if their next album explores this direction.

So watch the video, maybe buy a CD. But if you never heard of them, you will, so remember that you heard about them here first.