Monday, September 1, 2008

New Music Monday – The Silversun Pickups

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I will continue to acknowledge that just because music is new to me, doesn't necessarily make it “new”. In fact, the tracks I have included in the imeem box are from an album that was released in 2006. But I think this is good music, and it is much newer than what I normally listen to, and they are new to me. Maybe they are new to you as well.

From Wikipedia – “The Silversun Pickups (also simply known as SSPU) is an American Indie Rock band from Los Angeles, California.” So right there, you know we are on the right track. For some reason, I don't really hear to much about Indie bands from L.A. but these guys are on a label called Dangerbird Records (ultra-cool name) and represent a L.A. scene I had never heard about. Where Wiki lists their genres, we have – Indie Rock, Dream Pop, Post-Shoegaze (I think of The Jesus and Mary Chain as being the founders of Shoegaze, but I may be wrong) and the always popular Alt Rock.

From the band's official site - “Silversun Pickups, you see, rather than being just another fiercely determined young band willing to claw and scrap their way to the top of the rock heap, genuinely appear to be far more like a gang of real, true friends who happened, quite fortuitously, to meet as a result of their mutual love of - SHOCK HORROR! - music.”

I don't know why, but that sounds cool to me. Take a listen and see if you agree.

Silversun Pickups


Callie Ann Hanson said...

I like it and no I have never heard of them. I love learning and liking new music. Thanks for Sharing.

Three Fates said...

They sound just as amazing live (saw them last summer). I love the Silversun Pickups.