Thursday, September 11, 2008

9 - 11

I feel like I have to put something up here. And I feel completely insignificant doing it. I was going to let it go, but I was just now flipping channels on the box, and I stopped for a moment on the History Channel. And they had a documentary on, you know...

So I came to the computer to write something, and I couldn't get started. And out of the blue, the lyrics to an ancient punk rock song by Richard Hell got stuck in my head. So I looked him up on the intertubes, and on his official website he had reposted something he put up there on 9/11/01. I would like it if you followed this link to see it there, because I think it will be a more powerful experience that reading the quotes here. But I also want to share the quotes, because you may not follow the link:

I am fine and so is every one immediately around me. The only people I can think of that I know who live or work in the district around the attack site are some of Sonic Youth and Thurston Moore's sent out email explaining that all of them are accounted for and o.k.

What it's like here: the smoke outside, huge expanses of it blowing east from that crater downtown; the disruption of everything in the city and weird amputation feeling when you look and the towers are missing. The whole city re-organized by the police and National Guard into clear emergency routes. Continuous streams of emergency vehicles and unmarked official cars going back and forth on the main routes. No one in the Post Office. No in the bank. Long lines at the supermarkets.

Already the idea of the site is scary. You can see how places seem haunted...

I think the great majority of people in history have lived through wars.

Anyway, I feel better because I was able to share that with you.

Peace, I really mean it.